Multi-set betting in tennis

Finally, just like in football, multi-set betting predictions are essential in tennis, as they allow us to combine the odds of different events with low odds to try to achieve better results.

In this sense, we can make all kinds of combinations in which we mix bets on points, games, sets and the match, doing so both in advance and live, following the development of the match through the betting website itself.

We can also combine events from different matches, although it is advisable, at least at the beginning, to focus on a single match in order to be able to better control its evolution.

Can I bet during the course of a set in tennis?


Tennis is one of the most inviting sports to bet on live, as within each match there are a multitude of different events happening around the scoreboard. In addition, the fact that it has points, games and sets gives it a huge variety of markets that change over time, so in this case it is even more advisable to place live bets than pre-match bets.

On the other hand, the fact that matches are being played every day in a multitude of tournaments (it is a sport that never stops), gives us the opportunity to be able to bet live almost whenever we want, which is clearly different from football, which usually concentrates most of its matches on certain days.

Set handicap tennis betting

Set handicap betting is one of the main betting tips in tennis, as quite often we find matches in which the superiority of one player over the other is quite evident. In tennis, the top-elite players tend to dominate the rest, so betting on giving a certain advantage to the theoretically inferior player is a very recommendable bet.

In this case, betting on a set handicap means that a player will win the set with a certain number of games difference, for example, with a score of 6-1, 6-2 or 6-3. This type of betting evens out matches and offers us the possibility of obtaining attractive odds in matches, a priori, quite uneven in which the odds on the winner of the favourite are too low.

What is a set in tennis?

A set is the main part of a tennis match. To achieve a set, it is necessary to win 6 games with a minimum difference of 2, for example, 6-4. However, there are some exceptions that need to be mentioned:

  • In case of a tie at 5 games the winner must reach 7 games.
  • In the case of a 6-game tie, you would have to play until one player has a 2-game lead.

How can I bet on a tennis set?

All bookmakers offer the possibility of betting on tennis, so betting on a set is one of the most recommended options, since within each set there are many events on which to make predictions, either in relation to the points or the games that make up each set.

In this case, bookmakers usually offer, both in live and pre-match, the possibility of betting on the different markets that are available for a set, such as how many games a set will end with, how many games will be won in a set or who will win and how many games at the end of a set.

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