How to prepare tennis predictions?

In order to prepare tennis predictions, we will pay attention to several questions. First of all, the tennis player’s form, which is always important, as well as his position in the ATP ranking.

Then their results on the surface on which the match is going to be played, since it is very possible that some players are very skilful on a certain surface but because of their qualities they perform worse on others.

This is something that we in Spain are very familiar with on clay, which is where the great tennis achievements of our history have been made.

You can go into more technical concepts, such as the results of a tennis player when he serves or when he subtracts, assess the power of his serve, or his physical endurance in the face of a match that is likely to be long.

Tips for your tennis predictions

djokovic wimbledon friday

Here are some tips for your tennis predictions. Needless to say, these are just a few small details and the more you go into detail, the better your predictions will be.

  • 1 vs 1. In football the previous results between teams are of little importance, since in 2 years of the 22 players may not match even 4 of them. But in tennis, being an individual sport, those who met 4, 7 or 10 years ago are exactly the same competitors of the match in question to be predicted. This data is particularly important and therefore it is recommended to prioritise it in the forecasts.
  • Surface. If Nadal plays Djokovic at Roland Garros, the probability of winning for both will vary from that of Djokovic at Wimbledon. Why? Because of the surface, which is more or less favourable for each player depending on his characteristics. The behaviour of each player should be studied in more detail on the surface on which the match will be held.
  • Live tennis. Tennis is a sport in which every few seconds there is a point, which is vibrant but accelerates the activity in live betting. It is advisable that if you intend to bet live you do it calmly, with the possibility of following the matches and paying full attention to what is happening on the court.

Is it easy to get tennis predictions right?

Tennis predictions can be easy if they are made with caution, calm and always looking for probable events.

The more you study the track record of the opposing players, their particular duels with each other and the most recent results on the surface in question, the easier it will be to get your predictions right.

However, it should not be ruled out that as a competitive sport, surprises do happen, and that one day the world number 87 can beat a top 5 player.

In order to make it easier to get tennis predictions right, you can make use of handicap betting and avoid looking for odds that are very attractive in terms of their value, but which tend to be attached to proposals that are very unlikely to happen.

Best bookmakers for your tennis picks

Tennis is very present in sports bookmakers, especially when it is played in Grand Slam tournaments, where it plays a leading role and promotions are common. In any case, it is preferable to choose a suitable bookmaker to bet on tennis, if this is our favourite sport.

  • Sportium: In Sportium we will be able to bet on tennis with an incentive, which is to be doing it in the bookmaker that offers the highest odds in the market. This advantage is the most important, as the prizes will be higher than average.
  • LeoVegas: At Leovegas we will find a wide range of tennis betting markets with different types of options for sets, games or with handicap, accompanied by a successful tracking system for the matches that are being played.
  • Marathonbet: In Marathonbet we will be able to bet on tennis with an incentive, which is to be doing it in the bookmaker that offers the highest odds in the market. This advantage is the most important, as the prizes will be higher than average.

William Hill: William Hill offers streaming of matches, which is very practical for those who intend to bet live. Their betting options are extensive and they offer specific promotions for tennis betting.

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